Yesterday morning one of my readers (thanks, Jonas!) told me about a pretty new dice-rolling application for the iPhone/iPod Touch called “The Dicenomicon“. Some of you may remember that¬† I already mentioned a similar iPhone app called “Mach Dice” almost a year ago.

Dicenomicon screenshot

So why should someone in his right mind use an application on his mobile phone instead of just rolling the dice? There are various scenarios that come to mind. But sometimes it’s just handy to be able to roll the dice even when you forget to pack your dice bag. Imagine you are on a long commute and want to roll up a character for your next gaming session. The Dicenomicon makes this especially easy because you can roll dice combinations like: “roll 4D6 and add up the highest three”.¬† The application actually has a pretty cool editor that let you create custom rolls for all your needs. You can even make use of dice, that you probably will never see in your FLGS like a d14.

The graphics and sound of The Dicenomicon is almost identical to the aforementioned Mach Dice, but it lacks the “3D feature” that shifts the perspective according to how you tilt your iPhone. The physics engine in Mach Dice is also much better in Mach Dice. The dice in Dicenomicon roll around like made from a heavy rubber material. But when you can look around these cosmetic issues, Dicenomicon is a pretty powerful dice-rolling application. One killer feature is that the app includes Fudge dice which are usually pretty hard to find in shops.

The developer of The Dicenomicon is currently working on version 2.0 that will include a lot of cool new features. You can check out all the upcoming features in this forum thread.

If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch and if you are looking for a dice-rolling application, The Dicenomicon might be the perfect tool for you. The app is available in the iTunes AppStore and sets you back $3.99.