Dungeonslayers updates

Into The BreachWhile I was busy with some other projects the Dungeonslayers community was working hard on several new supplements for my favorite “old-fashioned” RPG:

  • Into the Breach
    This supplement adds optional rules to Dungeonslayer combat. The 4-paged PDF gives new rules for initiative, weapons and armor, and fumbles. “Into the Breach” was created by Marcus Bone from New Zealand.
  • Dungeonslayers 3.0 to 3.5
    Some time ago Christian Kennig, added a few rules and errata to DS 3.0 and released it as DS 3.5. Alas the English translation of DS 3.5 hasn’t been released yet, but in the meantime you can download this 2-sided PDF to introduce the changes into your game.
  • Creature Works
    Another nice addition to the game is Creature Works. The 6-sided PDF contains monster cards that contain the statistics for all monsters from the DS rulebook.

A couple of the older supplements like my own Feuerwerk (Fireworks) haven’t been translated into English. If you want to help with the translation, please check out Michael Garcia’s Dungeonslayers wiki or the official DS forums!