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Warhammer RPG End Times

Today while browsing I stumbled upon this thread. Obviously Fantasy Flight Games has removed their Warhammer RPG products (both 40K and Fantasy) from DriveThruRPG. It seems FFG didn’t renew their roleplaying game license for these franchises which comes to me as a big surprise.

Some of you might already have noticed that something like that was about to happen, because there haven’t been any releases in quite some time. I didn’t follow these developments as closely, since I – even though I love the setting – wasn’t that interested in the rules. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition used a precursor of the Star Wars RPG, but included a lot more fiddly bits and was ridiculously overpriced. The Warhammer 40K games were much closer to the older editions of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay rules-wise and from what I’ve read they actually sold pretty well.

But these games either didn’t make FFG enough money or they decided to focus more on boardgames in the Warhammer universe or their other franchises. From what I know so far, neither FFG nor Games Workshop have announced anything regarding the future of the Warhammer RPGs, so we don’t know if these games even have a future.

At the time of this writing, the Warhammer RPGs are still available from the official Fantasy Flight Games site, but the PDFs have been removed there as well. It’s still possible that they renewed the license after all, but I actually doubt it. Everything points toward the Warhammer RPGs going out-of-print again. These are sad times for any fan of these game lines.

Come one, come all, to the greatest geeknic on earth!

I try (I really do) not to toot my own horn, or try to use the blog (too much) to promote another project I’m involved with, Puerto Rico Role Players. I guess there is some crossover, as I share posts from the blog on the Facebook group for Puerto Rico Role Players and oftentimes write about activities the group organizes here, but mostly after the fact. I don’t recall actually using the blog to promote an upcoming gathering. This post aims to correct that.

For over a year a group of RPG fans from Puerto Rico has been gathering to share our love of gaming, food and camaraderie in different places across the island. The group was formed over two years ago and after forging an electronic community and doing some demos at local conventions we finally decided to hold a social activity to get to know each other better. We settled on getting together on a park or other public place and someone suggested the idea of calling it a geeknic. He actually got the idea from, everybody loved the idea and we ran with it.

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