Eclipse Phase available at RPGNow

64135 Yesterday I was browsing RPGNow for some free stuff, when I discovered that the PDF version of Eclipse Phase is already available for purchase. Eclipse Phase is a post-apocalyptic roleplaying game of conspiracy and horror. One of the major themes of the game is transhumanism, the technology in the far future allows humans to change their bodies and their mind at a whim.

I was pretty intrigued by the setting and the fact that both the background and the rules are licensed under a Creative Commons license allowing fans to create their own works based on Eclipse Phase as long as they give proper credit to Posthuman Studios and don’t sell it. The rules use percentile dice and from what I’ve seen so far they look pretty decent.

Of course I haven’t had the chance to read all of it, yet, but Eclipse Phase looks like a pretty cool SF game. The artwork is top-notch and if you like weird transhumanist settings, Eclipse Phase may be worth a look, especially because it’s available for just $15 right now.

If you are interested in a hardcopy, you can preorder the book at Battlecorps.

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