Gaming-related plans for 2010

Here it is, the inevitable New Year Resolution’s Post! At first I thought I shouldn’t post about my plans this year, because I won’t probably be able to reach all the goals I’ve set here. On the other hand fear of public humiliation is a strong motivator… 😉

Here are my plans for 2010 (only the gaming-related stuff, the personal goals are not that interesting):

  • Play some new games
    There are a couple of games I haven’t played that I want to try out this year. Among those are Alpha Omega (which I reviewed yesterday), Rogue Trader and Diaspora.
  • Finish some of last year’s projects
    Both my Ad Astra setting and the Thrilling Noir Stories game are terribly uncomplete. Although I am quite happy with the looks of the Ad Astra redesign, I think I need to add a few pages to give it a bit more depth. And I think I will keep it systemless for now.
    The other project I treated a bit like an unwanted step-child was Thrilling Noir Stories. It needs a complete redesign (I already started working on that), an introductory adventure and a few NPCs before I can call it complete.
    My Asecia setting is a complete mess, to be honest. I wish I could get it to work, but at the moment I think I will probably just pick out the ideas I liked an use it for another project.
  • Do something with Mini Six
    AntiPaladin Games’ Mini Six is my kind of game: only a few pages, multi-genre, rules-light and free. From the moment it was announced I wanted to use it for a small project like a mini-setting for a one-shot game or something like that.
  • Run a contest on “Stargazer’s World”
    For quite some time I have thought about running a contest of some kind. Perhaps even with prizes sponsored by some gaming companies. I have never organized something like that before, so it might be a new and exciting experience.
  • Participate in a gaming-related podcast
    This is something I would love to do, but there are a few things that keep me from doing so. The major problem is that I am just not used to talk in English and my accent gets worse when I am nervous. And I am always terribly nervous while talking in another language than my native language German. I will have to work on that, when I want to participate in any podcast.

Ok, perhaps I should now start working on these goals when I want to be done before 2011!