Twitter Trouble!

Doppelgänger This post has nothing to with roleplaying games, but with something happening on Twitter right now. Please don’t stop reading, because I need your help!

Some hours ago some person started tweeting to @daneofwar’s Followers (and people he followed) and accused him of scamming money from him. I doubt there’s any truth to that accusation, especially because this person soon started impersonating people @daneofwar was connected with through Twitter. He also started posting personal attacks against not only @daneofwar but also other people as well, like @highmoon, @madbrewlabs and me.

The community is usually pretty quick in reporting the fake accounts as soon as they appear and Twitter promptly closes them, but there must be some way to stop this person posting slander and misinformation all over Twitter. If you know someone who can help or get in touch with the people from Twitter, please do so!

Any help is highly appreciated!

P.S.: I protected my Twitter updates for now and changed my avatar picture. That will not stop the person impersonating me, but it helps me to feel a bit better. If you get any strange tweets that look like they were sent from my account, please double-check the username.