Dragon Age unboxing

This afternoon the postman brought me the Dragon Age boxed set I’ve been waiting for. I am still fighting a nasty cold, so it will probably take a few days before I can return to my regular posting schedule, but I wanted to share a few photos with you at least:

The box The opened box, the Player's Guide and the three dice The Game Master's Guide
Ferelden poster map

The box is full-sized (as expected) and looks pretty sturdy. The dice included are nothing special but should do the job. The two rule books are of a high print quality, but I have my doubts that the binding will survive the daily wear and tear. The included poster map is quite nice looking. And if you don’t want to use it at the game table you can always use it as wall decoration in your gaming room. As soon as I am feeling a bit better I will start writing a proper review of the game. So stay tuned!