Let’s revive the Role Play Media Network

The RPMN, the social network for RPG bloggers, podcaster, vidcasters and their fans, which was created by Berin Kinsman, has seen quite a few ups and downs during its lifetime. When it was still new there was quite a lot of interest in this new network. Hundreds of members joined in the first few months, started forum discussions, made extensive use of the Ning chat feature or used the site for blogging.

But more recently interest in the RPMN has waned. There are still a few loyal members who are posting reviews and blog posts there, but aside from that not much is going on. Heck, even the spammers have stopped bothering.

But if you ask me, it’s a shame that it has come to this. A site like the RPMN could be quite a boon to the community, we just have to use it. So, what can we do to revive the RPMN? It has been connected to the life-sustaining machinery for too long. Let’s give it a proper kickstart, so that it walks on its own again!

My fellow Stargazer’s World team member Roberto kicked off things by proposing a RPMN-hosted blog carnival about “Social Media and its impact on RPGs”. In my opinion that’s quite an interesting topic and it would be great if some of you would contribute to the cause.

By the way, if you have some ideas on how to improve things at the RPMN, just let me know! Any advice is highly appreciated!