Greetings from the Philippine Gamer

Hey guys!  Pointyman2000 here from Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer here reporting in as a contributor to Stargazer’s World.

I’ve been gaming since 1989 with Star Frontiers, a game that I got for my birthday.  Having absolutely no experience in rpgs beyond computer games on my Commodore 64, I jumped into the hobby with both feet, and made a whole bunch of mistakes by fumbling about in the dark.  Growing up with an obscure hobby in a third world country with no access to other people who knew the existence of the tabletop variant of rpgs was interesting to say the least.

Thanks be to the mighty minds that invented the Internet, since that started me off on talking to people who enjoyed the hobby, and inspired me to try and take the first step in giving something back in the form of my blog.  I’ve been at this blogging thing for a few years now, and being here is another milestone for me.

A self-taught GM that has been rolling oddly shaped polyhedrons since the tender age of nine, Pointyman2000 brings his musings on bringing more Fun to the table as both a Player and a GM.

4 thoughts on “Greetings from the Philippine Gamer”

  1. You are a Star Frontiers man and a former Commodore 64 owner? My friend you are my kind of man! Welcome… Extremely happy you are here.

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