Gaming-related plans for 2011 … and a look back at 2010

Last year I posted a long list with things I wanted to do in 2010. And as expected I didn’t actually reach all the goals I’ve set myself. But that’s not necessary a bad thing. Before talking about what I intend to do in 2010 let’s have a look back at my resolutions from 2010.

  • Play some new games
    While I only managed to play one of the games I’ve listed back then, I had the change to play quite a few new games last year. Alas I never played any game for more than a couple of sessions. As in the many years before I was mostly in the GM seat. But we just started playing Deathwatch last week, so I have some hopes I will be able to actually play a bit more.
  • Finish some of last year’s project
    This definitely failed. Both Ad Astra and Thrilling Noir Stories are both pretty much unchanged. But I actually wrote and released WR&M last year. And I am still amazed by how well the game has been received by the community.
  • Do something with Mini Six
    Hmm, another goal that was unfulfilled. I actually ordered a print copy of that fine game in mid-December. Now I am waiting for it to arrive. Economy overseas shipping can take ages!
  • Run a contest on Stargazer’s World
    We actually had quite a few contest in 2010 and I am sure there will be a few more in the new year. So stay tuned!
  • Participate in a gaming-related podcast
    That’s another goal I’ve reached. In August I was interviewed for the Dragonlance Canticle podcast and I was special guest in the GenCon episode of RPG Circus. And besides my fears that my terrible German accent would ruin everything, both recordings worked pretty well.

As it seems I actually reached a couple of goals I set back in 2009. This year I’ve decided I will set only one goal: play more. I have been designing games, blogging about games, writing reviews about games, buying games but I actually played less than in the years before. I am not really happy with that situation.

In 2010 I intend to focus more on actually playing (and running) games. Perhaps I can even find new players to play with or maybe even introduce people to the hobby who actually never even played a role-playing game before.

In my humble opinion we all should make this mission our own: Play More. Run More. Share More. Thanks again to Fred Hicks for reminding me what’s REALLY important.