Shadowrun using Technoir? Might that work?

Technoir coverYes, I am still looking for alternative ways to run a Shadowrun game. While I am still trying to find a good way to use the Over The Edge rules for it, I also keep looking for alternatives. The first Kickstarter project I backed was Technoir, a cyberpunk roleplaying game by Jeremy Keller of Cellar Games. So why not use Technoir?

One of the strengths of Technoir are its simple but powerful mechanics, that can easily made to fit any kind of cyberpunk setting. But Shadowrun is not just cyberpunk, it also has a couple of fantasy aspects. That’s what makes it harder to find a ruleset that may handle this combination. Today, I have leafed through the Technoir rules again (you can download a free players guide here), and had an idea how to handle Metahumanity and Magic in Technoir.

For Metahumanity one could easily add Training Programs. So each of the Metahuman variants adds a new Training Program with fitting Verb and Adjective choices. The Elf Training Program could probably look like this:

Program: Elf
Verbs (increase each by one): Coax, Detect, and Prowl
Adjective (pick one): arrogrant, slender, long-lived

To add magic to the mix, one could just add a 10th Verb called Cast. Spells are then bought like Objects. Of course it would be helpful if the GM created a list of example spells to pick from. To keep the magic vs. tech dichotomy from Shadowrun players might have to choose whether their character wants to have access to either Cast or Hack. But if you want to allow characters who dabble in both Magic and cyberwear you might come up with a more elegant solution.

What do you guys think? Might this small hack allow me to run Shadowrun using Technoir? Or am I better off waiting for the still-missing HexNoir supplement?