Ultimate Combat playtest for the Pathfinder RPG

Rejoice Pathfinder fans! A new playtest had been given unto us to try out, this time around for the upcoming Ultimate Combat book.

It’s an 18 page preview of three new alternate classes that will be in the new book. The idea is that these classes are 20 level alternates to existing classes. There is the gunslinger, a fighter alternate class all about black powdered weapons, tricks and grit. Yeah the resource they use, like Rage points for Barbarians, is called grit. I immediately conjured up an NPC based on Jeff Bridges in True Grit! Very basic firearm rules, which will be much more detailed in the final book according to the preview, are presented.

There is a rogue alternate class, the Ninja, and a cavalier alternate class, the Samurai. They seem very well thought of an interesting. I like the idea of alternate classes; they take the roles and rules of an existing class and give them flavor that may better fit a campaign, setting or region. You can use them as base classes, mix them with the alternate classes and it can offer all sorts of interesting possibilities. Also it opens a possible Pandora’s Box filled with silly alternate classes. I would only like to see this when the existing class cannot do what the alternate class offers.

I like this playtest! Like with other playtests there will be ongoing discussions of the rules in the Paizo messageboards. If you like it, let them know, if there is something you don’t make sure they hear it too. Such are the wonders of playtesting.

Big thanks to the guys and gals at Piazo for continuing this tradition. I really appreciate it. Enjoy everybody!

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