When you don’t have enough people show up for your weekly role playing game what is a game master to do? Pull out a board game, thats what!

Just last week this happened to me. With not enough people to play our normal RPG so I ended up pulled out a board game I had not yet played. The game was Pandemic and let me tell you this game was FUN!

You and up to 3 others players as a team to take out diseases that have broken out all around the world. You can play as a dispatcher, medic, scientist, researcher or operations expert. The odds are staked against you from the beginning and the longer you play the harder the game gets. The whole time we played everyone at the table was talking strategies and planning. Everyone was trying to help each other out. Each turn yielded the possibility of pulling an Epidemic card that would infect the world even worse than it already was. Just when you think you have one disease licked you are face with it popping up else where in the world, or worse yet, you become so focused on taking out one disease that a different diseases has become unstoppable.

You can win at Pandemic. It is possible, but my friends and I where unsuccessful. At the end of the first game we talked for about ten minutes about how we could improve our strategies and we played the game again. When we lost the second game we talked a long time about what we could do differently next time. It was a lot of fun and a good game to have in my library.

Pandemic is a 2 to 4 person game with suggested ages of 10 years old and up. Playing time for us was about 40 minutes each game and I spent about $35.00 on it.

Have you played Pandemic? Leave me some comments on what you thought about this game.