Stargazer Games presents … BADASS!

Have you ever wanted to play a game that kicks that logic in the face, twists its arm behind its back and makes it cry for its momma? Jay Steven Anyong’s BADASS is exactly that game. In this rules-light roleplaying game filled with pure awesomesauce and badassery you can kick a reinforced metal fire door down off its hinges, catch a bullet with your teeth or slice through an Abrams tank with your katana!

Mere words are not enough to describe the full extent of what BADASS is, so let me show you a few pages from this upcoming game:

badass_page_01 badass_page_03 badass_page_05
badass_page_09badass_page_07 badass_page_28

Jay and I are currently working hard to get the game released. Although we are pretty badass ourselves, we still need a few days to get everything done. So stay tuned!