The Genesys of a new game!

Miss me? Well that’s a deafening silence… I guess the interwebz is a harsh mistress. Before I plunge into the post at hand let me take a moment to tell the two readers left who remember me what I’ve been up to. My last post was almost three weeks ago about the Speak Out with my Geek Out. Since then I have been embroiled in a big project at work. It’s been some long weeks, some over seven days long. Mind you I am not complaining, I have a thriving job in this economy, and I have the privilege of working with educators and students, which I love. Still all this hard work has meant I have had little time to post here in the blog. The brunt of the work is done, there will be a lot to do in the coming months, but I hope to get back to the extracurricular activities I love… and posting, back to posting too!

Now, on to the post…

This one has been a long time coming. I met one of the creators of the Genesys Universal Roleplaying Game on the plane ride to Gen Con. It was a lively conversation about the games we love, how we played and the effect games have had in our lives. He told me about this game he was creating with his friends. When we stepped out of the plane I got to meet some of the other creators, we exchanged numbers and planned to see each other again during the con. But you know what Robert Burns said about plans…

(But if you don’t, click here!)

We never got around to meeting and despite this the guys have been kind enough to share information about their game, given me an opportunity to play test and I can tell you I am excited! There are universal rpg systems out there, but I think these guys have their hearts and minds in the right place. Its innovative, seems easy to run and embraces the innovations of game design of the last couple of years to make a game that makes me want to play. Their commitment to play testing speaks highly of them, it’s always good to hear your base.

I love the fact that they have a mythology behind the universality of their game. True it can be a rule set to play whichever genre you want but there is back-story to why all this genres come together. I really like their mythos, I am a sucker for a metaplot. Also, check out the art in the website, this will be one fine looking product. I like what I see and the guys behind it so I want to share it with the rest of you, you just might be interested. They have a forum, a newsletter and regularly update the information on the game. Check it out…

I hope to bring you some more news on Genesys RPG and get a chance to talk with the team behind this upcoming game.

This is one instance where the distractions of real life had kept me from covering this. Sorry to the Genesys guys for taking so long. I have to catch up with a lot of other folk and things I needed to do when I last was posting. Let me roll up my sleeves and get to it!

Good to be back folks, have a nice day.