We submitted our blog to the 2012 SOTY award and so should you!

RPG-SOTY Stuffer Shack is running it’s annually RPG Site of the Year Award contest again. Until end of march you can submit your blog (as long as it is a independent, non-corporate, fan-based, table-top gaming blog). In the middle of April the readers of Stuffer Shack elect their five favorite blogs. The contest ends by a group of judges picking the winner.

And there are prices, too! Several sponsors have already donated prizes, so the winners will not only be able to put a nifty SOTY Shield onto their blog, they’ll also get great prices. Check out the official SOTY Award page to learn more about the rules of the contest.

So, what are you waiting for? Submit you blog now! And if you don’t have a blog I won’t mind if you keep crossing fingers for us! 😉