Do you remember Trinity?

Trinity Back in the late 1990s my favorite roleplaying game was definitely White Wolf’s Trinity. Trinity (which was initially called Aeon) was a game set into the 22nd century. Humanity is slowly recovering from the Aberrant War and takes its first steps into interstellar space. The game mainly focused on persons with psionic abilities. Trinity’s psions are divided into eight orders, each based on a certain aptitude like Vitakinesis (The Aesculapian Order) or Psychokinesis (The Legions) and each player was a member of one of these orders. At least in my games the players worked for the Aeon Trinity, an organization working for the betterment of mankind. They basically acted as troubleshooters trying to fix problems all over the solar system and beyond.

Rules-wise Trinity used an updated Storyteller system, which sometimes reminds me of nWoD’s Storyteller system. Alas in 2001 the game has been discontinued. There was a rerelease in 2003 of Trinity using the d20 System but at least in my opinion it was not as good as the Storyteller version.

What I liked about the game were the pretty easy rules, a pretty cool sci-fi setting which included organic technology, psionic spaceships and a lot of opportunity for adventures. Using Trinity you could run everything from space exploration, alien bug hunts to games full of politics and intrigue. Alas some aspects of the setting just didn’t work for me. Especially some of the alien beings that appeared in the game just felt too weird for my tastes. In my opinion it wouldn’t have hurt the setting if there weren’t any aliens at all.

Recently I have thought about giving my Trinity books another read-through. I still have fond memories of the last time I ran this game and with a few minor changes it could easily be used for all kinds of games. The Players Guide also included rules for “normal” characters, so if psions aren’t your thing, you can still play it like a regular SF game.

By the way, Trinity is actually part of a whole series of roleplaying-games that share a common alternate-history background. Aberrant is set in an alternate 2008 where super-powered humans called “novas” are common. Adventure! is set into a 1920s and is basically White Wolf’s version of a pulp roleplaying game, much like Aberrant is their take on the superhero genre.

What are your thoughts on Trinity? Have you ever played it back in the day? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.