Unified Rolemaster Playtest

Rolemaster I have to admit I still have fond memories of the long Rolemaster campaign a friend of mine has run back when I was at university. Rolemaster is one of those quite crunchy games we enjoyed to play back in the day. Actually it’s was not so bad during play, but character creation usually took ages. Also levelling up was always something that took quite a while.

What I totally loved were the awesome critical hit tables. Our GM definitely enjoyed describing the results of these critical effects in a lot of details, and everyone at the game table had a lot of fun. Even though I now prefer games with much lighter rulesets, I still believe that Rolemaster is an interesting alternative to other fantasy roleplaying games. And if you don’t try to squeeze every optional rule into your game it’s actually less crunchy than some other games out there.

A while back, I.C.E. announced that they are currently working on a new, unified Rolemaster edition and in order to make it the best Rolemaster yet, they are conducting an open playtest. If you’re interested in playtesting the new Rolemaster, just head to the official forums and download the Character Law and Spell Law documents.

I am not sure, if I’ll actually have the time to give the new Rolemaster a try anytime soon, but it’s definitely worth a look.