RPG a Day 2015 Challenge – Day 24

This is definitely a Monday topic for #RPGaDay2015, one of those things I rarely think of as “favorite”. Let’s try to answer it coherently…

Day 24 – Favorite house rule

I’m not BIG on house rules, I’ll tinker with the rules if necessary, usually to clarify or avoid problem areas, but I don’t enjoy taking rule systems apart, and tweaking them until they are unrecognizable. My AD&D 2nd edition campaign and my RIFTS games had house rules documents, but they were more clarifications than anything else. I’m much more interested in the story and the setting than rule details… It is REALLY hard for me to come up with a favorite house rule!

So for arguments sake let’s say my favorite house rule is giving out experience points, or some sort of advancement, to characters for player’s creating background for their characters. I reward for verbal narration of a background, for writing said background, for finding an image or drawing that represents their characters (or getting a miniature if it’s a game where they are needed) and for creating allies, creatures or opponent NPCs, lists of plots and lists of treasures or antagonists they wish to face. IT depends a lot on the game we are playing and I had out a table detailing the amount of experience they can get. It’s been greatly successful in many campaigns.

You think that qualifies as a house rule? Well I’m sticking to it… What is your favorite house rule? Let us know in the comments.