#RPGaDay2017 Day 8: 2 Hours Service!

Let the 2nd week of #RPGaDay2017 begin! Yesterday was all about impact, now we switch gears over to time management for the next two days. The topic today is:

August 8: What is a good RPG to play for sessions of 2hrs or less?

When asked about the average length of game sessions the answer is typically “Four hours.” But RL has a funny way of tearing down our preconceptions. On the average night, we often end up playing about two and a half hours once you consider distractions, joking around, and Monty Python quotes. Still the question is about a specific game that would be a good fit for sessions of less than two hours.

While that may seem like a complex choice, this was one of the questions that when I first read the list I knew what I was going to answer:  Psi*Run

I first played the game in Gen Con 2005. I got the preview or ashcan copy, with a sticker on a manila envelope and a photocopied booklet. It was a greatly fun game about strangers who wake up in a crisis, a car crash for example, they don’t know who they are, but they have psychic powers and are on the run from mysterious pursuers who want to capture them. They go on the run seeking the answers to who they are.

I’ve played Psi*Run twice since then, once with my regular group and some years later at a Geeknic. I still have my copy around. All this reminiscing made me look up the game’s publishers and get myself a copy. I hope we can play it soon for Desde la Fosa. But don’t take my word for it, here is a review of the game.

Secular Games published a Portuguese version in Brazil. Here is a review on Portuguese.

I talk about this very same topic, but in Spanish, over at the Desde la Fosa YouTube Channel, or you can see the video below:

What’s your pick for a game you can play in two hours or less? Let us know in the comments here, or leave a comment in the video. See you all tomorrow!

Welcome reader, thanks for taking the time to find out just who I am! My name is Roberto, although in the Internet I usually go by the name of Sunglar. Long time pen & paper RPG player, mostly a GM for the better part of that time; some will say that’s because of my love of telling a good story, others because I’m a control freak, but that’s debatable… I was born, raised, and still live in Puerto Rico, an island in the Caribbean, with a small but active gaming community.

I’ve played RPGs for 30 years, and for most of that time I played D&D in all its various permutations, including Pathfinder and I'm currently playing D&D 5th edition. Other games my regular gaming group has played over the last few years include Mutants & Masterminds and Savage Worlds, but I have played many other games through the years, and plan to play many more. I am a compulsive homebrewer and rarely play a campaign I have not created myself.

You can follow me on Twitter as @Sunglar, and find me in Google+ also as Sunglar. I'm very active in Facebook where you can find me posting regularly in the Puerto Rico Role Players group. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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