#RPGaDay2017 Day 7: An impactful session

The 7th day of #RPGaDay2017 is here, we’ve finished the first week. Thanks for coming back every day to read these posts, and to those of you who have watched our videos at Desde la Fosa. Today’s question is:

August 7: What was your most impactful RPG session?

There are a lot of significant and impactful moments in the 31 years I’ve been playing RPGs. From the first session when I saw the look in my players eyes, to the time I dressed up as an antagonist and received my players to the game in character. It may be hard to pick just one, but every time I circle back to the question the answer is this

I won’t rehash the specifics that led to that post. You can read about it there. I’ll wait. During that session, we dealt with some difficult topics which led to the post linked above and the ensuing conversation. The group still plays together. There’s been some turnover, due to real life, nothing to do with the incident.  We’ve dealt with some other difficult topics, including a player who created a character with a drug addiction in a sci-fi game, and another player who had a character be the leader of a religion based around sex.

Needless to say, it was a learning experience, along with the comments the reader left. I still tackle thorny and controversial subjects in my games, but the reflection and discussion about the event certainly have made me more conscious and careful when bringing up these subjects in a game, and when dealing with such topics away from the table. It was a learning experience for me, and continues to be so to this day. I would say that was the most impactful RPG session I’ve played.

Don’t forget that at the Desde la Fosa YouTube Channel we are posting daily videos in Spanish of the very same subjects I’m discussing here for #RPGDay207 or the hashtag in Spanish #JdRDiario (Juego de Rol Diario). If you speak the language, we appreciate your viewership, and even if you don’t, we are thankful if you share the video with any Spanish speaking gamers you may know.

That’s all for today. What was the most impactful session for you? Let us know in the comments. See you tomorrow.