Roleplaying City Map Generator

Some time ago I read about an awesome freeware city map generator for Windows. But alas the creator’s site  is down for quite some time now and it’s pretty hard to find a copy of the map generator on the web. So when I finally found a copy, I decided to host a copy of the latest version of the Roleplaying City Map Generator at my Google Sites site for your convenience.

  • RPG City Map Generator (.MSI) 1788k (Download)
  • RPG City Map Generator (.ZIP) 1605k (Download)

City Map - Small Town with town wall
By the way, if you know some interesting (and preferrably free) map creator software, please let us know in the comment section of this post! Thanks!
Update: Several people reported that the zip file got somehow corrupted. I reuploaded it and added the unzipped version.
Update #2: I uploaded the latest version of the software (v5.40) and removed the ZIP download. Thanks to Di for providing me with the latest version.