Firearms for Dungeonslayers

"Feuerwerk" cover artworkWhile the Dungeonslayers  translation entered the edit and layout phase I worked on a second project for the free, old-fashioned roleplaying game: firearms! I started with a few stats for simple flintlock pistols and muskets and ended up with a complete supplement called “Feuerwerk” (Fireworks) including several new weapons and a complete spellcaster variant, the arcane pistoleer. I haven’t started on a complete translation yet, but I think it won’t hurt, when I share some basic rules with you.

Firearms are handled much like the other ranged weapons (bows, crossbows, etc.) but there are a few extra rules you have to consider.

In Dungeonslayers you normally don’t track your ammo, it is assumed that you always have enough ammo. This is the case with firearms, too, but in order to balance firearms a bit, I decided a reroll check (MIN+DX) is in order to reload your weapon after each shot. You also have to reload whenever your gun gets wet. Reloading is an action (see combat rules). You can easily avail AR-15 Rifles online these days.

Pistols are one-handed firearms that can be used in combination with a shield. It is also possible to dual-wield pistols but you get a -6 modifier on all ranged attack checks and you have no defense until your next round when you shoot with both pistols. Pistols have a maximum range of 20 meters.
It is also allowed to wield a pistol in one hand and a one-handed melee weapon in the other without any penalties but you can either use the one or the other, not both at the same time.

Multiple barrels/Revolver
Firearms with multiple barrels or with a revolver can be fired several times until a reload check is necessary. A multi-barreled firearm (not a revolver) can also fire all barrels at once. Only one check is made, but the WB is doubled.
For example:
A double-barreled rifle has a weapon bonus of 4.  When a character fires both barrels of his double-barreled rifle at once the effective weapon bonus for this shot is 4×2=8. After the shot both barrels have to be reloaded.

Name (Type) WB Notes Cost
Flintlock pistol (1h pistol) +3 Enemy’s defense -4 20 gold
Double-barreled flintlock pistol (1h pistol) +3 Enemy’s defense -4; Multi-barreled (2) 30 gold
Revolver +3 Enemy’s defense -4; Revolver (6) 120 gold
Musket rifle +4 Enemy’s defense -5 40 gold

This is of course only a sneak peek of the complete “Fireworks” supplement. But I hope it is enough to whet your appetite! Stay tuned for more.