Let the music play!

Today I replaced the Yahoo Music Player by a WordPress plugin called WordPress Audio Player that uses a small flash player to play mp3 files embedded in my post. And while I was looking for some free music to showcase the plugin, I stumbled upon Jamondo.com, a site which host music licensed under Creative Commons or similar licenses.

And this site has proven as a great source of music you can freely use in your blog, podcast etc. as long as you abide to the rules set in the license. 

Magical and Fantasy Music CoverThe music I embedded into this post is by Olivier Renouard, a french artist, that has created some beautiful fantasy themed songs. The music may not be perfectly suited for use while roleplaying but his music can be very inspirational while you are blogging or planning your campaigns.


The song above is part of his album “Magical and Fantasy Musics“, that you can download for free from Jamondo.com.