400 posts milestone

Roman milestone I was so busy in the last weeks that I almost missed that my blog hit the 400 posts milestone recently. And since my last milestone post in July much has happened in the RPG blogosphere. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably noticed all the drama around the RPG Bloggers Network recently. For some time now, Duane from A Terrible Idea is now in charge of the network and I wish him all the best!

As with my previous milestone posts I want to look back at the last 100 posts and share some statistics with you. Man, I love statistics! 🙂
These have been the most popular posts since my blog hit the 300 posts milestone:

  • My stance on D&D 4th Edition
    One of the most popular posts in the last months was definitely my post about my stance on D&D 4th Edition. Of course D&D is always a popular topic, but this time I managed to post something critical about D&D 4E without the comments turning into a flame war. And that’s an achievement I am actually proud of. We all know how easily these posts can turn into quasi-religious debates.
  • Breaking News: Roleplaying finally possible in D&D 4th Edition
    Alas this post’s comment derailed into a flame war pretty fast. Some people obviously missed the Humor category and started arguing again. Aside from that I still love the Ryan Macklin’s Dramatis Personae power that started all that trouble again. 🙂
  • Robin D. Laws interview
    I can tell you that I was excited like a schoolboy when Robin D. Laws agreed to answer some questions about the Gumshoe system and his other works for my blog. The interview not only gave some interesting insights into the system featured in games like Esoterrorists and Trail of Cthulhu, but also was a very entertaining read. Thanks again, Robin!
  • Why play old-school D&D?
    That’s a question you probably hear or read regularly. There are a lot of modern games out there, so why should we bother with the granddaddy of all RPGs or one of its clones? In this post I tried to list some of the reasons why I enjoy playing old-school D&D once in a while.

Enough tooting my own horn, let’s have a look at the statistics now:

  • Total number of posts: 415 (including this one)
  • Total number of approved comments: 1661
  • Number of (unique) visits: 89,334
  • Active WordPress plugins: 30
  • Technorati authority: 126 (Wow, that must be because of the Technorati relaunch)
  • Google Page Rank: 3 (no change here)
  • Cups of coffee consumed by me during the writing of that post: 0
  • Word count of this post: 481

I am currently going through some kind of winter slump, but I think I should get to my 500th post in early 2010 nevertheless. Thanks to all my readers! I couldn’t have done it without you!