Superhero Campaign Questionnaire (and about the Virtual Book Club…)

Some days ago I posted about questionnaires for superhero games in preparation for an upcoming game. DarkTouch was so kind as to share one he had written and posted it in his blog. This really inspired me and I started to put together my one version. This is a very particular campaign, its set in the world outside your window, nothing outwardly different until an incident in the near future causes a worldwide disaster. In the aftermath, as the world picks up the pieces, a small percentage of the world population begins to manifest superpowers. What will they do? How will government react?

I serialized some fiction specific to the campaign here in the blog. In case you are interested in learning more about the background accompanying this questionnaire you can read it in these posts: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5. I hope the questionnaire is useful to you or inspires you to create your own.

I created it specifically for my players, and while you may not agree with my examples I selected them because I believe those are references my players will understand. Here is a link to the PDF. As always I welcome your feedback, reactions and suggestions. Thanks for reading!

This all ties to the Virtual Book Club reading of the DC Adventures book I was supposed to write at the beginning of the month. I apologize for the delay, real life has kept me too busy to write a proper report on my experience, but fear not, I still plan to write the post, more than likely after Thanksgiving. I apologize for keeping those interested (all two of you) waiting. Keep the faith.