Free Stuff Friday: Oldschool Hack

It’s Friday and it’s time to give you some more free stuff!

This week’s Free Stuff is: Oldschool Hack

I love a free RPG. I love collecting them too! Check out Oldschool Hack! It’s free!

On Oldschool Hack’s website they wrote this stuff up: A table-top roleplaying system that’s a hack of a hack of the original Red Box version of a certain popular hack-and-slash fantasy game. That’s a lot of hacking.

So download the game here.

Then download the character sheet here.

And be sure to thank the folks over at Oldschool Hack for the free stuff!

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3 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday: Oldschool Hack”

  1. Played in a one-shot run by Dino-Pirates of Ninja Island's creator Corey Reid. The game really is awesome… to the FACE! Awesome points, player creativity and description really drove the game.

    The Awesome points and Arenas are similar to FATE's Fate points and Zones respectively. It seems like acting up is the thing to do in this game as Awesome points are given out by one player to another player. They are also a form of Exp. points too. So that takes a bit off of the GM's plate.

    Good times.

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