Change is good!

“To everything – turn, turn, turn

There is a season – turn, turn, turn”

From the song by The Byrds, by way of another book

 I’ve written some pretty personal posts here in the past, some have been therapeutic; others cathartic; and today his is one of those posts where I share some if my thoughts with you. This will be tangentially related to games so bear with me…

It’s been over a month since my last post. Despite certain personal complications I meant to return to a more regular posting schedule. Of course my intentions were foiled by said complications and I found myself with little time to post, or do much related to gaming at all.  Now that some of the complications are sorting themselves out and I feel a little respite, enough to attempt a return to the blog, I’ve been doing some soul searching and realized how much I miss gaming.

After my return from Gen Con I felt a little overwhelmed with games, these past few years have really changed my relation with role-playing games. It went from something I did on my spare time to something more meaningful, working with other like minded folk to promote gaming in Puerto Rico; and participating here in the blog has really put me in contact with a much larger gaming community. For a moment there it felt like a whirlwind. And then real life snuck in! These complications I speak off seemed hell bent to take me away from my love of gaming, and in many ways I accepted it.

After all, it is only a game! In the past few months I’ve had to cancel more of my regular gaming sessions than ever, I practically stopped posting and disappeared from social media (I’ve had some presence in Facebook, but have not really been active in Twitter or Google+).  And you know what? That’s ok too! I had things to take care of, both family and work related.

I wish I could game the rest of my life, and I plan on continuing as long as I can. But this lull has made me realize that there may come a time when I may need to take a break. I’ve been able to play a regular weekly game because of my line of work and the fact that my responsibilities allow me to take the time off to prepare and actually play, but there may be a time when I can’t. Perhaps the arrival of a child, work, or family, who knows, one thing I have really enjoyed is knowing that all the people I’ve made through gaming are not just my gaming friends, they are my friends, and will continue to be so even when we are not gaming.

Don’t worry, this is not a goodbye letter, or more correctly a post, on the contrary, it’s my hopeful return to a more active presence in the game related bloging community. And I have no plans to quit my weekly game. On the contrary, the outlook seems good that sessions will return to normal and I may even game twice this week. But these past weeks have given me some perspective. It is only a game, a game I enjoy incredibly and hope to be playing for a long time, but when the time comes when I need to take a break, or scale back, I think I may be better prepared for it because of recent events.

Is that cryptic enough? I hope some of you understand what I mean… Thank you all for reading, It’s good to be back, you dear reader are great, to you my gratitude!

PS- I just noticed Michael’s post count reached 900, congratulations to the Stargazer! May he long game and post…