Food at the table (or other designated gaming area) what to do… Ask the readers!

I am a portly fellow, I’ll admit it. Or you may say pleasantly plumpy. Ok I am overweight. I guess it is something that affects some in the gaming community. I know there are people out there who also face this conundrum. There are groups out there, like Fit for Gen Con who are doing something about it…

I have talked about food in games before, but this is a different situation, the master of the Gordopletas© needs to loose weight. And I am not remotely thinking that the junk food I eat once night a week is responsible for my unhealthy eating habits. I need to exercise more, eat more responsibly. But in past experiences, and lets face it many of us have been there, I can pinpoint that I keep my diet for most of the week and then come game night I drink too much soda, eat too much chips and candy.

So I come to you dead reader, how do you do it? What tricks have worked for you? I plan on getting back on the healthy eating wagon and I’d sure like to plan ahead.