Atomic Robo!

There’s currently one roleplaying game I am extremely excited about and that’s the Atomic Robo Roleplaying Game by Evil Hat Productions. I guess I’ve mentioned this a couple of times before, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to write about it one more time.

Atomic Robo is actually based on the awesome comic books by Brian Clevinger, Scott Wegener, and Lee Black. I actually started reading the comics after I heard about the RPG. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about and totally fell in love. The comic has a pretty cool art style, the writing is witty, and the stories are just perfect for science geeks like me. If you want to learn more about Atomic Robo, you should check out the free comics available here.

For the last months things have become eerily silent and a some people already feared the Atomic Robo RPG might be vapor ware. Luckily this is not the case and Fred Hicks recently even shared one page from the finished book over Twitter with the stats for Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawing! Yes, you read that correctly. This game features two of the most prominent wizards of science.

These two pages also give us a couple of hints about the rules. Obviously Atomic Robo will use a variant of Fate Core, which is a perfect fit for the setting. I remember that Fred Hicks mentioned somewhere that while the game rules will have the full depth of Core, it will be as easy to pick up and play as Fate Accelerated. And from what I can deduce from the stat blocks of Sagan and Hawking, this might actually be the case. In addition to that I have absolutely no reason not to trust Evil Hat. If anyone can pull off an awesome game based on a licensed setting it’s them.

Alas the game has not released yet, but according to Hicks its already in layout and should be out soon. I am very excited and will probably pick it up ASAP. A friend recently asked me if I could run Fate for him. Atomic Robo looks like it could be the perfect game for a Fate newbie. Hopefully it’s also suited for Fate GM newbies like me. 😉