RPG a Day 2015 Challenge – Day 29

And we are in the final stretch! The last Saturday post for #RPGaDay2015, I really hope everybody is having a great weekend. Let’s get down to business

Day 29 – Favorite RPG website/blog

What a silly question…Well Stargazer’s World of course! Not only because I post here, ok it has a little to do with it, but because I really enjoy the content Michael posts. From the first time I read the blog it felt very genuine and heartfelt. I consider him one of my best friends and I’m ever thankful for the space he provides me here.

But If I had to choose another blog/site one that is NOT the one I blog for, let me see…

I really enjoy EN World. I’ve been following it since the early 3rd edition previews and while I’ve fallen away from reading the forums as much as I used to, where I participated briefly, they cover games I really enjoy in their news section, so I regularly check them out.

As far as other blogs go I enjoy Gnome Stew’s posts, for a company site I really enjoy the tone and content of the Paizo Blog, and the forums at Green Ronin.

What’s your favorite RPG website/blog? Let us know in the comments, see you tomorrow.