#RPGaDay2018 Catch up! Videos for days 8 & 9

Sorry everyone… I missed a day of #RPGaDay2018! So, we’re covering two topics in one blog post.

Let’s start with day 8, the question for the day was: How can we get more people playing?

Here is my video in English for Sunglar’s Musings:

And the video in Spanish for Desde la Fosa:

I mention the Pathfinder 2nd edition playtest in both videos. If you have not checked it out, follow the previous link. I applaud them for the explicit call for inclusion and tolerance in the introduction. Kudos Paizo!

Now, on to the topic for day 9 of #RPGaDay: How has a game surprised you?

Video in English:

Vídeo en español:

The Legacy 2nd edition I refer to is Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd edition. Highly recommended!

My current favorite sci-fi RPG is Stars Without Number Revised, follow the link for the deluxe edition.

Don’t forget that it’s never too late to join #RPGaDay, visit David F. Chapman’s blog for more information or look for #RPGaDay2018 on Twitter.

Thanks for your patience with my lateness. Sorry the blog pots are getting posted much later than they usually are. I promise to try and do better. See you all on the morrow!