#RPGaDay2018 Catch up… again! Days 15 and 16

I have a valid excuse for missing yesterday’s #RPGaDay2018. A cold… Want to see my Doctor’s note? Ok let’s get down to business, because we’re past the halfway point.

First, day 15, the prompt for the day was: Describe a tricky RPG experience you enjoyed.

My video in English for Sunglar’s Musings:

The video in Spanish for Desde la Fosa:

The prompt for day 16 of #RPGaDay is: Describe your plans for your next game.

The video in English:

The video in Spanish:

Today I, once again, mention Stars Without Number Revised, follow the link for the deluxe edition.

Look for the #RPGaDay hashtag in social media so you can follow along with the community, look for #RPGaDay2018 on Twitter. Visit David F. Chapman’s blog for more information.

What are your answers to these questions? Would love to read your answers in the comments.