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Review: L5R Enemies of the Empire

L5R Enemies of the EmpireIt’s been a while since my last review, but finally, I bring to you my take on Legends of the Five Rings: Enemies of the Empire for 4th Edition.  This is the second book to come out for the L5R 4e.  It kind of comes off as a Monster Manual of sorts; the book gives the GM a plethora of possible foes to ram up against the players, but the book isn’t just a bunch of stat blocks.  It is so, so much more.

This book follows the example set by AEG with most of their books, especially the core rulebook for L5R 4e: it is extremely beautiful and makes it into my RPG Coffee table books category.  I will point out that some of the art was carried over from the first book, not a lot, but I did find a few picture repeats.  I kind of dislike it when companies do this with their books.  It is likely something that can’t be avoided, but you see it a lot, especially with Wizards of the Coast and the many carry-overs from one edition to the next.  The full color standard that L5R is setting right now with their stuff is setting the bar very, very high.  This may of course seem very superficial, but when you are paying what they are asking for their books you want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.