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Review: L5R Enemies of the Empire

L5R Enemies of the EmpireIt’s been a while since my last review, but finally, I bring to you my take on Legends of the Five Rings: Enemies of the Empire for 4th Edition.  This is the second book to come out for the L5R 4e.  It kind of comes off as a Monster Manual of sorts; the book gives the GM a plethora of possible foes to ram up against the players, but the book isn’t just a bunch of stat blocks.  It is so, so much more.

This book follows the example set by AEG with most of their books, especially the core rulebook for L5R 4e: it is extremely beautiful and makes it into my RPG Coffee table books category.  I will point out that some of the art was carried over from the first book, not a lot, but I did find a few picture repeats.  I kind of dislike it when companies do this with their books.  It is likely something that can’t be avoided, but you see it a lot, especially with Wizards of the Coast and the many carry-overs from one edition to the next.  The full color standard that L5R is setting right now with their stuff is setting the bar very, very high.  This may of course seem very superficial, but when you are paying what they are asking for their books you want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

Converting the Spouse: An Ongoing Quest – Part 2

Tsi SmithI was really, really surprised and excited to see the great response behind my first post in this series.  I’m really happy to see everyone chiming in to comment and relate.  It’s good to see that I’m not entirely alone on this issue; I am however going to continue in my conversion endeavor and for that reason, I have come back again to relate my never ending journey of turning my wife into a gamer.

Last time, I talked about my plans for using L5R as our game system of choice, due to its relatively easy rules and also thematically easy to relate to premise.  I also decided that we are going to be going a bit away from a purely murder, death, kill, loot style of gaming.  But, when last we parted, I wasn’t exactly sure about what I would be doing with the game; this week, the game type gets narrowed down, and we move into the realm of character creation.  Good stuff.

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Converting the Spouse: An Ongoing Quest – Part 1

So my friends, I come to you in the very odd position of being married to a muggle. I don’t mean the non-magical kind, but rather the non-RPG-interested kind. I got married a couple years ago and my wife has never shown any interest in roleplaying games, or virtually anything geeky whatsoever. Actually, now that I think about it, she probably would have been one of the kids in high school that thought people like me were particularly weird (it’s odd how the heart works sometimes). I have, in the past, made attempts at remedying this OBVIOUS character flaw. Last summer, before I moved to Japan, the wife and I, attended several of the D&D 4e “Encounters”; that was a moderately good time, but my wife could never really get into it. She never really understood what was going on and the constant focus on combat-focused roleplaying simply didn’t work for her.

Now, I am unfortunately stuck in an even bigger pickle. Most of my former gaming group has now left Japan, also, with my son and wife now currently living with me again, in our very, very small Japanese style apartment, I have very little ability to bring anybody over to my place to game (and going anywhere else is pretty much out of the question as well). So, what is the answer to my pickle? How in the world will I ever get to play any roleplaying games ever again??

I think it is about time for another conversion attempt! Let the quest begin!!

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