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Review: Smallville RPG by Margaret Weis Productions

Today, I bring you a review of The Smallville RPG by Margaret Weis ProductioSmallville RPG Cover Imagens.  The folks over at Margaret Weis were generous enough to provide me with a review copy of the game (just getting that out of the way).  I have always been a pretty big fan of Superman; I love the movies, the Lois & Clark TV Show, and I am a really, really big fan of the Smallville TV Show.  I own pretty much all of the box sets, except of course for the 10th and final season which doesn’t hit shelves until October.

The Smallville RPG is an interesting game to try to figure out.  It is really hard to place it into any single category of RPG, which makes it a bit tough to explain and also to review.  The game is certainly falls into the Superheroes genre since in it you get to take make your own and play one with a bunch of friends.  However, the game is also a TV Show simulation built on relationship drama.  However, I think this game really fits best into the niche of Superheroes in Training games.  Maybe you play a full-fledged cape sporting crime fighter, but it’s more likely that the path you take in the game is leading towards that in the end game.

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