New Edition of “Space: 1889” in the works

Space 1889The German publisher “Uhrwelt-Verlag”, a sublabel of Ulisses Spiele, has secured the rights to produce a new version of the classic steampunk roleplaying game Space: 1889. Instead of using the rules of the original game, they will use Exile Game Studio’s  Ubiquity rules.  The new Space: 1889 game will probably be in German language first. As far as I know they haven’t announced an English version, yet.

I still have one of Heliograph‘s reprint of the original core rule book lying around somewhere and I had some plans to run a Space: 1889 campaign using a modern rules system, but perhaps I will just wait for this upcoming edition.

For more information on that subject, you can check out this thread at the Ulisses forums (German language only).