Rock'n'Roll screenshotLast year I posted about MachDice, a dice-rolling tool for the iPhone. Today I stumbled upon a similar tool for Windows or OSX called “Rock’n’Roll“. This nice looking program was created by Mad Ogre Games and has the following features (I quote the official site):

  • Features over 30 backgrounds by various artists
  • 12 different dice textures to choose from
  • Pick any kind of dice combination
  • Dice results displayed in two different ways
  • Realistic dice rolling physics
  • Totally random number generation
  • Dice thrown via Physics Engine

If you have left your dice at home but you have your laptop with you, this program could come in handy but I will probably stick to MachDice on the iPhone.
But Rock’n’Roll has one advantage over MachDice: it’s free!