Ad Astra: The Akkathon Federation

Today I am finally returning to the world of “Ad Astra”. This time I will present to you the Akkathon Federation, a federation by name only that is more of a loose alliance that was formed to defend against the rising Tovenaari agression.

Main World: Akkathon, 3rd planet of the Nebuchadnezzar System
Government: Representative Democracy
Head of State: President Aleksey Gregory Kalinin
Official Language: English and Russian
Official Currency: The Federation has no common currency
Military: Each member world maintains its own military
Economy: Mostly Free Market Economy, but a few members have a centrally planned economy
Religions: Atheist 54%, Neochristianity 27%, Buddhism 12%, Other 7%
Major Worlds: Akkathon, Higara, Ygdrassil, Napoli, Kerensky, Anasazi, Rheinland, Potemkin, Vatican

General-Emperor, we’ll have the Akkathon Federation conquered by the end of the year.” – Admiral Carl De Luca, three weeks before his fleet’s defeat in the Higara system

The citizens of SpaceCorp are not the only people who have clinged to their national identity during the first centuries of life on Gaia. As hyperspace travel became available a lot of these groups left Gaia to start a new life at the frontier.

When the Tovenaar Empire started expanding, nine systems decided to form an alliance. They convened on Akkathon in the Nebuchadnezzar system and eventually the Akkathon Federation was founded. In the following decades more members joined the alliance.

Each member state sends its representatives to the federal council with decides all matters that concern external affairs and the security and defense of the federation. The federal government headed by a president does usually not meddle in the eternal affairs of the member worlds. In case the federation is under attack the president assumes command over the member’s forces.

The standard of living varies from world to world. Some worlds like Akkathon, Rheinland and Vatican have an above average standard of living, but other member worlds like Anasazi are still pretty undeveloped.

Main export of the Akkathon Federation are lifestock, food and unrefined minerals. The federal council has made an effort to secure trade agreements with the other major nations in order to improve its economy.

The Akkathon Federation is on friendly terms with SpaceCorp and the Gaian Republic but has been attacked several times by the Tovenaar Empire. Luckily they were always able to defend the major worlds.

This concludes today’s report from the Omega Centauri cluster. Next time I will share some of the secrets of the Psitech League.