Grognardia reviews Dungeonslayers

Yesterday James Maliszewski of Grognardia has posted a review of Dungeonslayers. He has written a pretty detailed review and gave Dungeonslayers some praise, although he had some problems with the translation. Especially that part of the review hurts me just a little bit, perhaps because I did the bulk of the translation. But of course I am no native speaker and it seems we missed a few odd phrasings. Here’s an excerpt from his review:

I mention the translation at all, because, for its length,Dungeonslayers is in fact a very good game — simple without being simplistic, focused without being narrow, and very much in keeping with the spirit of old school gaming, even if its mechanics owe more to 3e than to OD&D. In this respect, Dungeonslayers reminded me a bit of Microlite20, another excellent minimalist RPG that pares down the bloat of the D20 rules to a more manageable level (and that serves as the basis for the terrific Microlite74 rules). That said, Dungeonslayers is most emphatically a modern game; it’s rules are not old school so much as designed to emulate the freewheeling style of old school games. For that reason, I suspect it’s probably more of interest to gamers who either aren’t interested in going “back to the source” or who never played such games in the first place.

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