This. Is. Stargazer's World!


When I started this blog last year I never anticipated I would reach the 300 post milestone in just 11 months. But with the help of my guest bloggers Jenny, Ravyn, Shinobicow and Viriatha there are now 301 posts here at Stargazer’s World. In order to celebrate the occassion, I want to have a look back on a few of my favorite posts of the last three months.

  • Cloudship Atlantis
    As you all know I am the complete opposite of ChattyDM when it comes to roleplaying games. He’s a “monogamist”, sticking to the latest version of D&D, while I am more of a “polygamist”. I am not happy with playing the same game over and over again, I need to check out new games on a regular basis. In the last months I have focussed mostly on cheap or free games to satisfy my interests. One of these games is Rob Lang’s Cloudship Atlantis, a RPG he wrote in 24 hours. And for a game designed and edited in just one day, it’s just awesome. He even added some great artwork and a introductory adventure.
    It was a pleasure to review the game of a fellow RPG blogger.
  • Ad Astra Primer
    One of my goals for 2009 was to write my own SF campaign setting. And on May 7th I finally was able to release the “Ad Astra Primer”, a 13-page PDF document with details on my Ad Astra campaign setting. The booklet is in a system-less format but I’ve written a few follow-up articles that help GMs to run Ad Astra using the PDQ rules by Chad Underkoffler.
  • The Horror of Leatherbury House
    In April ChattyDM and Chgowiz announced the “One-Page Dungeon Contest“. Initially I was not interested in participating but several people encouraged me to give it a try. But since I am not really experienced in running classic dungeon adventures, I decided to create a “haunted house” scenario. In the end my dungeon was one of the runner-ups and won the “Best Non-Fantasy Dungeon” category. Yay! 🙂
  • Review: Questers of the Middle Realms
    For me Questers is a mixed bag. I really love how Silver Branch Games used the PDQ system to create a fantasy RPG but I was pretty underwhelmed by the campaign setting included in the book. But all in all I don’t regret buying Questers and I am also pretty happy with how the review turned out.
  • My idea for a Magipunk setting
    I regularly have a lot of ideas for campaign settings that probably never see the light of day. And in some instances I decide to write down said idea to share it with the world. One of these ideas was the one of the “magipunk” world inspired by the awesome Neverwinter Nights module HeX Coda.
  • Gaming on the cheap
    Recently I wrote a post about cheap and/or free games that spawned a whole lot of follow-up posts on other blogs. It seems quite a few people love free games. You definitely should check out the comments on that post, too.
  • Interview with Chad Underkoffler
    Last but not least I want to mention my interview with Chad Underkoffler. Back in the day when I ran several computer games fansites I did quite a few interviews (you can check them out here). When “Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies” was out, I thought I might ask Chad if he was willing to answer a few questions about his latest project and PDQ in general. The interview also contains one of the greatest lines ever displayed on a computer screen: “You can punch Spider-Man in the girlfriend!”
    If you want to find out, what this quote is about, check out the interview. 😉

And following the tradition I started in my “A look back on 100 posts!” post, I will now give you some stats:

  • Total number of posts: 301 (including this one)
  • Total number of approved comments: 1042
  • Number of (unique) visits: 49.174
  • Active WordPress plugins: 26
  • Technorati authority: 30
  • Google Page Rank: 3
  • Cups of coffee consumed by me during the writing of that post: 2
  • Word count of this post: 699

By the way, this blog will have its first birthday next month. Wow! Time flies!