RPG Circus Episode 6

RPG CircusThe latest episode of RPG Circus has been released a few days ago, but I just now managed to listen to it. As always I enjoyed it very much and a highlight of this show was definitely the interview with Michael Shorten about old-school gaming. You probably noticed that I jumped the old-school bandwagon a few weeks back and it was very interesting to listen to Michael tell us about his definition of what is old-school, about a few games out there and the situation with TARGA. I was a bit disappointed though that neither Jeff nor Michael remembered that I posted several articles (including an interview with the designer and a review) about X-plorers when they mentioned that game on the show. I think an angry audio commentary is in order! 😉
But aside from that, RPG Circus Episode 6 is highly recommended to all gamers out there. Keep up the good work, guys!