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Mindjammer Competition: The Lucky Winners

Yesterday the competition, in which two of our readers could win a signed copy of the novel Mindjammer by Sarah Newton each, ended. The questions you had to ask to be eligible for the competition were the following:

  • Question 1: In Mindjammer, what organisation do Thaddeus Clay and his team work for?
  • Question 2: In the FATE RPG system, what kind of dice do you normally roll, and how many of them?
  • Question 3: In transhumanism, what’s the event called where technology becomes so advanced that it’s impossible to see what happens afterwards? (Hint: it’s also the name for the heart of a black hole!)

The correct answers were:

  1. SCI Force (but we also accepted “Security and Cultural Integrity Instrumentality”)
  2. Four Fudge dice (but we also accepted d6-6 since that’s used in Starblazer Adventures)
  3. Singularity

I put all the names of the people who sent in the correct answers into the proverbial hat and determined the winners using my trust random number generators (aka dice).

The lucky winners are: Mark Perotti and Jacob Schmidt. Congratulations! I already sent your names and postal addresses to Sarah, she’ll send your signed paperback copies to you.

Thanks for everyone who participated in the competition!

Please vote for us in the Stuffer Shack SOTY contest!

Vote April 16th Like last year Stargazer’s World is participating in Stuffer Shack’s RPG Site of the Year contest and we are honored to be among all the great sites that have been nominated.

The nominated sites have been put into one of five groups for voting and today (and only today)  you may pick your personal favorite from the group we’re in. So if you enjoyed our site for the last three years it would be great if you could give us your vote and please share this news with your friends over your favorite social network.

After the General Voting the judging panel will evaluate the semi-finalists and determine the overall winner.

The team of Stargazer’s World wishes all participating sites the best of luck. May the best one win!

P.S.: Due to the difference in timezones it may be that the voting site is not up when this post goes live. So if you want to vote and the above link doesn’t work yet, please check back later.

And the winner is …

On February 13th I asked you to post your favorite gamer food recipes. Today I checked all the contest entries and picked the recipe I liked best. And the winner is Parker Emerson’s recipe for Baked French Toast with Laiel’s dark chocolate cake recipe and Crose87420’s spaghetti sauce as close seconds. Here’s Parker’s recipe:

I like to make baked french toast. Recipe first, explanation why second. (With regards to recipe, I’m going to assume some base level cooking or reasonable-strength Google-fu.)


(1) Make a brown sugar glaze. I use 1 cup brown sugar and a stick of butter over medium heat, until consistency is mixed throughout.
(2) Pour glaze in 9 x 13 glass casserole dish. Add walnuts if you’re crazy.
(3) Fill with baguette bread, sliced about 1 1/2″ thick (4 cm for our non-US friends). Put bread in white side up.
(4) Pour traditional french bread batter over top. I use about 5 eggs, 1/2 cup cream, dash of vanilla, dash of cinnamon, but you can find other recipes via Google.
(5) Cover in aluminum foil.
(6) Let sit overnight.
(7) Bake for twenty minutes at 350 or until golden brown.


I’m a GM, so making food the day of isn’t always practical, since I’m often running around like a chicken with my head cut off getting prepped. This French toast does all the work the night before, the day after, I can just throw it in the oven while I hunt down minis or NPC write-ups. GENIUS!

This recipe is perfect for those all day gatherings, as breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Have friends bring mimosas and fruit and coffee, and BOOM! Awesome breakfast.

FYI: Let sit IN FRIDGE overnight.

I have to definitely give this one a try! I also thank everyone who has participated in the contest and wish you all good luck next time!