Wu Xing Giveaways for February

82054Third Eye Games’  Eloy Lasanta let me know that there will be a couple of Wu Xing-related giveaways this month. I have to admit I haven’t looked into Wu Xing myself, but I thought this might be of interest to our readers. I am currently reading Third Eye Games’ Apocalypse Prevention Inc. and I am enjoying what I’ve read so far. Expect a review in the near future.

So here’s what you can get for free from Third Eye Games this month:

  • Free PDF with any purchase of the print copy of “Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade”
  • Daily Giveaway: fans who post at the Third Eye Games Facebook page enter a daily drawing of a free copy of “Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade”
  • Tweeting about this Giveaway or joining the newsletter also enters you into the drawing!

For detail, please check out this post on the official site! Good luck!