Contest: Game Music for your recipes!

Game Music Bundle
Earlier today I purchased a copy of the Game Music Bundle including one extra copy for a friend. This extra copy I will give away for free! So what do you have to do to get that free copy? Send me the recipe of your favorite gamer food!

Almost everyone has a special dish he or she loves to prepare for his gamer buddies. It can be an original snack, a full meal, or whatever you think appropriate. Surprise me!

You get extra points for recipes that are cheap, easy to prepare and that can feed a group of four hungry roleplayers easily. You can post your recipes in the comment section of this post until Sunday, February 19th. On Monday, February 20th,ย  I will pick my favorite recipe and provide the lucky winner with the link to his or her Game Music Bundle.

Donโ€™t forget to enter a valid email address when you post your contest entry, so that I am able to get in touch with you next week!

Good luck, everyone!