Don’t take yourself too seriously!

The ROLPUNK manifesto has – at least in my humble opinion – an underlying message: don’t take yourself to seriously, and remember it’s just a game! Since I have started following RPG blogs many years ago I’ve noticed that some people treat roleplaying games and discussions about them like politics or religion.

Almost every discussion about whether old school or new school is better or if D&D 4th Edition is the best thing sinced sliced bread or not turns into a flame war of epic proportions. I have to admit I am not innocent when it comes to this, but I think having realized that something is wrong is the first step. 😉

Berin Kinsman’s ROLPUNK movement is some kind of wake-up call. We should stop fighting and enjoy our games. There’s no wrong way to play as long as we are having fun! That doesn’t mean that it’s not allowed to rant once in a while. Heck, we are just human! And now get your dice off my lawn … 😀