Gears / AARG

Gears logo I got a message via the contact form on the blog’s About page from someone who has been working on the AARG system for the better part of the last two years.

He read the post about Gears yesterday and got a bit concerned since he thought that it sounds an awful lot like his AARG system. He even gave me a link to the current AARG rules, so I could have a look.

Alas said person forgot to include his name or email address in his message to me, so I have to use this blog post to quell his fears.

Gears is in no way related to AARG. Of course there are a few similarities, but you’ll find similarities between a lot of RPGs on the market. Both system have been developed independently.

If the person working on AARG is reading this, could he please contact me again and provide me with an email address, so that I can contact him directly? Thanks!