Check out these WR&M reviews!

Recently a few more reviews of WR&M have been released. The first has been written by Ina Vegt of the “Tales of the Swampwitch’s Adventures” blog. Some while ago she already reviewed the 4-paged version of the game and now she picked up the revised version to give it another look. Here’s an excerpt from her review:

All in all, this is an improvement over the old version of WR&M, but the new things aren’t really ground shaking, and the differences are minor. It’s free, so if you enjoy WR&M, or think you might enjoy it, you should pick it up.

The second one has been written by Will Hopkins of Creatively Anomalous. His support and comments to WR&M actually helped me a lot when I was working on the revised edition. He also included “From the Imperial Forges” in his review. Here’s what he has to say about the game:

At the astonishing price of $0, you can’t afford not to pick up both WR&M and From the Imperial ForgesWR&M makes a great game for experienced and new roleplayers alike, and there is something attractive about the DIY nature of the game.  It’s certainly a polished product, but it still feels like something a bunch of friends cooked up together.  I can’t give a much higher recommendation than that.

Thanks for the reviews, Ina and Will!