Introducing the Stargazer’s World IRC chat channel!

Stargazer’s World
now has a chat channel!

This channel is accessible both by chat client (mIRC, Xchat, and so on). It is also accessible by a browser-based Java applet on the network’s website. I will provide instructions for both forms of access:

Using an IRC Client
0.) If you do not have a client but wish to use this method, download mIRC for Windows, Colloquy for Mac, or Xchat for Linux (Xchat for Windows cuts itself off after a trial period and is, in my opinion, far too expensive for a program which is free under Linux). Be aware that mIRC asks you to pay after a trial period, but does not actually cripple itself after that period; it’s on your conscience and honor whether you pay the requested money. Spend some time learning how to use the client — help files!

1.) Point your IRC client at the server on port 6667, 7000 or 9000.

2.) Join #StargazersWorld

Using the Stargazer’s World Blog Chat Page

1.) Go to

2.) Follow the instructions.

Using the Network Website Java Applet

1.) Go to the Sorcerynet website,

2.) Click “Chat Now” in the top bar.

3.) In the page that loads, enter your chosen nickname in the “Nickname” box, and “#RPMN” in the “Channels” box.

4.) Give the applet time to connect. You’ll know when you’re in the channel.

5.) Begin chatting!

Be aware that your chosen nickname may be registered by someone else for their personal use. If you see a warning message, change your nickname, or the network may change it for you to something like “Nonick-3B4AE”.

A Few Basic Guidelines

1.) Be respectful. The occasional curse is fine, we’re adults. Racism, sexism, generic attacks on groups of people, countries, etc. will be frowned upon. No personal attacks, no stalking, and any arguments will have a lid put on them if they go beyond civil disagreement. Finally, try not to gross out your fellow chatters, please.

2.) Please try to use decent spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammar. Some folks really don’t care to hit the Shift key, and that’s fine too, but txtspk will be frowned upon unless it is used in humor or illustration.

3.) There are only two forbidden topics. These are politics and religion. These two topics are easily the most contentious subjects in society today, and lead to far too many arguments, especially online. Use common sense: talking about the fact that the United States has a bicameral Congress is fine, because it is factual, but talking about the doings of the Senate, the behavior of a particular figure, the “real” causes of such and such war, etc. is across the line. As for religion, again, factual statements are fine, but anything beyond that is not permitted. If an op asks you to stop, please do not argue the case, even if you believe you have not crossed the line. There are plenty of other places to discuss these two topics.

If you have IRC experience and wish to be considered for a channel op (admin) position, contact me either here or in the channel. My nickname on IRC is Corvus. I will not automatically op everyone who asks; this isn’t a personal judgement or an insult.