Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century is back with a vengeance

Battlelords of the Twenty Third Century Some of you might remember this game back from the ‘90s. Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century is a SF roleplaying game back from the “Golden Age”. I actually never played it back in the day, but I definitely have at least read the title in magazine ads several times. Since my funds were pretty limited at the time I never actually picked it up but it had been on my wish list for quite some time. I actually had no idea what it was all about, but that name alone spurred my imagination (which was the case with a lot of RPG products back then, before the world-wide web).

And now Battlelords is back with a vengeance. The guys behind SSDC Inc. took the last edition of the game, cleared up the rules, changed the layout and added some new art. The result is a very fine looking SF roleplaying game with a distinct ‘90s feel – and I mean that in a good way! Especially old fans of the game will be glad to hear that it’s back in print and also available as PDF!

If you want to learn more about Battlelords, check out the official SSDC website. You’ll find all the available products and an extensive wiki there.

My fellow blogger Sunglar actually played the game back in the ‘90s, that’s why we are planning to tackle the Battlelords review tag-team style. So stay tuned!

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9 thoughts on “Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century is back with a vengeance”

  1. I met the guys that started Battlelords (ODS) in Kenmore NY back when I was 16 (19 years ago). I just ran into one of the creators the other day at the University at Buffalo.

    1. Emmett, I just want to let you know that your comments are pretty close to spam at the moment. They don't really add anything to the discussion but you never forget to link to your site where you sell you "little Sci-Fi RPG". Try to add something more meaningful next time.

      1. Whoh, sorry, I thought an anecdote about meeting the creators of Battlelords was relevant. I didn’t write a lot about it but it was something I thought would be nice to share.

        The links are part of the comment system, I’ll pull the link out. It gets automatically entered. I apologize, I’m not overtly sticking links in the comments, I thought it was kosher. Really sorry, I didn’t know.

      2. I tried clearing the link but it didn’t work. I had to clear my cookies to get it to go away. You don’t have to publish this reply.

        1. Don't worry. I have been plagued by a lot of spam lately and perhaps it made me a bit grumpy this morning. And feel free to keep the link in next time.

          1. Okay, yeah I was thinking about it and I probably should hold back more than I do. I get a bug to jump in and I’ll admit I don’t always come off right.

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